Media use by children and teenagers has increased substantially in these years, in part because of the recent increase in mobile phone use by children and teenagers. About three-quarters of teenagers now own smartphones, and more than half say they are online “often” and “addicted” to their phones.

The impact of the media on society and individuals with violent themes and descriptions is increasingly being noticed. A larger amount of research evidence shows that those violence scene in media such as television, films, music, and video games poses a serious threat to the mental health of youth. This article will be addressed on effects of violent videos on young people, namely, inducing aggressive behavior, reducing prosocial behavior and inducing violent desensitization.

The findings suggest that experts have reached a consensus on the reality of the impact of violent media on children. Experimental studies have conclusively shown that in the short term, exposure of children and adults to media violence will immediately increases the possibility of having aggressive behavior, decreases prosocial behavior and triggers violent desensitization. Longitudinal experimental studies also shows convincingly evidence and the result shows that children’s exposure to electronic media violence will lead to a long-term increase in their risk of exhibiting aggressive and violent behavior.

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