Youth for Love partners have many years of experience in conducting empowerment and education programs in the deconstruction of gender stereotypes and in the prevention of violence, in particular with the target of minors. The fact remains that the problem, of particular complexity and delicacy, concerns everyone and all. We cannot close our eyes: each of us must recover awareness and reflect on our responsibility.

We believe that we will fully achieve the project objectives also by recalling the responsibilities and attention of each subject of the educating community on the subject and promoting the strengthening of the relations of the schools with it.

The following FAQs are designed to give parents, guardians, social workers or interested citizens:

  1. Advice to activate yourself or to approach the problem with the target teenagers;
  2. Clarifications on the scientific and methodological framework of Youth for Love.

The FAQs do not purport to be exhaustive and will be updated progressively, thanks to the contribution that everyone will want to make available to a common knowledge and to the design learnings.

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